April 24, 2020

AOG leads to EOG

Every aviation professional knows what does AOG mean!

Aircraft on Ground is a term in aircraft maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying.

Many companies are promoting their services as AOG support, 24/7 support and not many parties are doing a special focus on the engines on ground support as a one stop solution.

During this Covid-19 lockdown it came to my mind why not to implement term EOG (engine on ground) in our aviation terminology vocabulary. Whether it is on wing or on engine stand, we can segregate such a big scope of services your engine shall require when it is on the ground.

Engine On Ground - When on Wing:

  • On wing preservation
  • Engine removal/installation
  • MPA Run and MPA run surveillance
  • Full Photo/Video BSI
  • End of lease inspection
  • QEC removal/installation
  • In-site blade blend

Engine On Ground - When Removed:

  • Preservation as per ESM
  • Repositioning from one stand to another
  • Full Photo/Video BSI
  • End of lease inspection
  • QEC removal/installation
  • QEC inventory
  • Engine Wrapping and Desiccants Replacement
  • Engine Storage
  • Engine Shipping Preparation Surveillance
  • Module Swap
  • Top Case Repair
  • Engine Shop Management

Due to Covid-19 lockdown our partners and friends have already faced the necessity to make end of lease of part of their fleets and to return back engines to leasing companies or owners. At the same time leasing companies and asset owners faced the necessity to inspect their assets before signing Acceptance/Delivery Certificate, however it is hardly possible to travel around the globe now. That means it is high time to consolidate our intentions and arrange a subcontracted tasks throughout the chain of our aviation network. A group of our companies provides full support for CFM 56 engines in UAE, US and Ukraine. We can make a one stop project for you including all the mentioned services and even more to minimize your expenses, save time and keep your projects in a professional team hands.

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