Own Engine Repair Capabilities

Since 2019 we have own Engine Repair Capabilities in our MRO scope of approval. We do CFM 56-3 Module change, Top Case and as well we have Full Video BSI capabilities.

Top cause
Module change


Field Services Capabilities

We are doing field support to our CIS customers by our team and as well as we are the Middle East and Africa representative for FAA/EASA approved engine shop with field service capabilities for

Pratt & Whitney (PW4000)
IAE (V2500 A1 and A5)
GE (CF6-80)
CFMI (CFM 56 - 3; -5; -7)


Sales/Lease Inspections
Video Borescope Inspection
Post Lease Inspection / End Of Lease
Post Lease Inspection / End Of Lease (Oversight)
QEC inventory
Engine Documentation inspection


Engine Repair Management

We have long term agreements with engine shops in US and Europe for our own projects and our customers demands. We are providing management for:

Full performance restoration
Partial performance restoration
Overhaul and repair of engines and engine modules
Overhaul and repair of engine components