May 20, 2020

CFM 56-3 Engine Inspections & Run-up


Many countries has announced this week a plan to restart international air transportation from 15 June 2020. Europe is opening up, UAE National Carriers are restarting regular flights, Turkey is planning to have tourist season from June.

Let us make your engines and fleet ready to catch up the season. We can inspect and re-certify your engine:

  • CFM 56 - 3/5/7 or V2500 Full BSI with FAA/EASA/NAA Authorized Release Certificate (UAE/Ukraine/US)
  • CFM 56 - 3 #4 Bearing inspection (Ukraine - HRK)
  • CFM 56 - 3 #1,2,3,4,5 Bearing inspection (USA - MIA)
  • CFM 56 - 3 Full Engine MPA run and other tests

As well as we can do CFM 56-3 Module Swap in Ukraine (HRK) and Full PR in US (MIA).

Email us for any questions or support:

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