June 18, 2020

Airframe/Engine Field Services

Majority of countries has announced the plans to reopen domestic and international flights during the next couple of weeks.

When ever your fleet start operating we will be ready to provide you full field services support:

  • Engine Change (CFM 56-3, CFM 56-5, V2500 A1, V2500 A5)
  • Borescope inspection (CFM 56-3, CFM 56-5, CFM 56-7, V2500 A1, V2500 A5) - FAA/EASA/NAA
  • QEC replacement and inventory
  • MPA run
  • Top Case Repair of CFM 56-3

We are represented in the following locations:

  • Sharjah, UAE (ready to travel around the ME area)
  • Miami, USA (ready to send BSI team around the US and Carribian region)
  • Kharkiv, Ukraine (ready to support you in CIS region and East Europe)

Send your requests by email: engines@skytechniques.com

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