June 6, 2020

Evolution of uncertainty

Everyone is tired and it is a fact. Summer is coming and we need to think not about possibility to have rest on a Mediterranean Sea or to do sightseeing in NY downtown but about many other things. The things which we have never thought about before and even if they came across our minds we could have considered them as just another scenario of Hollywood movie.

Three month before when global lockdown just started I had a major question “When?”

  • When it might be over?
  • When we get back to normal?
  • When shall we fly our favorite low cost carrier?
  • When will we have steak with a glass of Argentina Malbec?

But now when all the world is one step before to restart I have a major question “How?”

  • How will it be?
  • How will we fly two times per month for the business trip or short vacation?
  • How can we have our favorite medium rare steak wearing mask and gloves?
  • How to get to this kind of “normal”?

But let’s retranslate all that to our favorite industry. How aviation will be affected and how shall the industry adjust to this brand new change.

Many partners and customers of us doing estimates to start operation with 30–40% of their fleets and other 60% of fleet to keep preserved till late autumn this year or even early spring 2021.

That means that the demand for the base maintenance visits and for PR engine shop works might be postponed for 6–8 month until the operators get a clue of the real demand, get some cash flow operating by 40% of their fleet and can do estimation on the new “normal” market prospectives.

From the other hand it is hardly possible to postpone calendar works, AD/SB implementation and planned engine change if due.

Working in MRO segment of narrow body base maintenance and engine repair and supply we are making the following steps to help our customers to plan their new “normal”:

  • Summer Deals. We propose cost effective base maintenance with the minimized fixed cost, man hour rates and long term parking options on ramp for our both facilities in SHJ and HRK.
  • Engine Field Team. Ready to go team for the engine change, BSI and engine field works to help you re-certify your engine on the lower cost and start flying. Teams are available for the ME, East Europe and FL, USA regions.
  • NDT Field Team. Ready to go NDT inspectors for the critical works implementation outside our base maintenance facilities. We do a packages of NDT TC and AD/SB for A320/B737cl/B737ng
  • Mechanics & Avionics Field Team. Ready to go team to implement AD/SB or required modifications on-site.
  • End of Lease Team. Ready to go team of BSI inspector and airworthiness engineer to make full engine or aircraft physical and documentation inspection.

We are ready for the new normal whatever it will be and we are very focused on supporting our partners and customers in readjusting their maintenance plans for this year to optimize their cost and expenses.

That is why I am 100% sure that the best is yet to come and we must dream about our next vacation to a Caribbean or sightseeing in Paris and we will answer by our own experience “How shall it be”!

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