June 20, 2020

Maintenance and Emotions!

Every year for majority of us working in aviation MRO industry is going on the way similar scenario. End of December and beginning of January is the new start. All are ‘dreaming big’ and planning how they will succeed and make a lot of new amazing projects, making optimistic maintenance hangar visit plans and customers forecasts. Spring is a hard working time to make all maintenance activities to prepare fleet of our partners ready to operate during late spring till early autumn. Late autumn is a time for airlines to invest after the summer season and to make maintenance again and get ready for Christmas and New year programs. These statements are more or less relevant for small charter operators and for middle size regular carriers as the peak seasons are mainly the same for all the global markets.

HRK airport terminal (Image Credit: airport official web hrk.aero)

That is why summer for MRO is usually opens a possibility to focus on smaller or less intensive projects. For people involved in MRO business summer is the time of positive emotions and possibility to recover physically and mentally before a new intensive ‘season’ starts.

Due to Covid-19 and following global lockdown year 2020 made all these statements irrelevant and made all of us restructuring our plans and listening to the promises of governments, WHO or scientists.

“The nature of promises, is that they remain immune to changing circumstances”

This year circumstances have changed so rapidly that every beautiful idea lost its sense after the prolonging lockdown, curfew, or travel bans.

Personally I have some doubts traveling now but we are only human and I can hardly stand the temptation of the newly opened possibilities. Must confess I'm already searching tickets for the next destination to visit this summer.

Business wise our team generated a great idea of a Summer Deal for our Ukraine maintenance base. I truly believe that Ukraine is an underestimated country from all the points of view, that is why it is worth visiting it both for business and pleasure.

Where is our maintenance base in Ukraine?

HRK maintenance facility on the right (Image Credit: airport official web hrk.aero)

HRK (UKHH) Airport — Kharkiv which is the second biggest city.

Kharkiv maintenance base is not only about professional maintenance team and one stop shop for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 base maintenance, it is about emotions.

Ukraine government and city mayor made a huge and amazing work for last five years to make this city one of the most safe and beautiful in our country. We all grateful for Kharkiv's governor and mayor great intentions and efforts to minimize the spread of Covid-19 and to make a digital methods of controlling it work properly. That will give all our guests, visitors and friends opportunity not only to make a cost effective maintenance on our maintenance base but to get all those positive summer emotions from our beautiful culture, cuisine and people.

Let’s see the bigger picture and plan your maintenance project not only technically rational, but also emotionally attractive for the crew, technical representatives and engineers to be onsite while the aircraft maintenance is in progress.

When you choose our Ukraine base you will get:

  1. High quality cost effective base maintenance;
  2. Possibility to arrive without visa on GD for the period up to 90 days;
  3. Full support on landing permit to a modern private airport  —  HRK (UKHH);
  4. Digital control of the people arrived by government App aimed to limit the spread of Covid19 and secure your safety;
  5. Possibility to spend amazing time in our country and feel all the hospitality of our people and drain to our traditions and culture;

You might get maintenance and a little more. The more important things like a professional partners that will give you positive emotions and feeling that the work is done.

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