September 17, 2020

New “Turbo” Start

We need to run all our life not to give our competitors reach us and overcome.

Only running all your life in turbo regime and on high power and performance you may reach your goal and be successful.

Last spring and summer the Global pandemic situation made all the people on Earth stop, look around and understand that we need to find a new direction to run, new way to move forward.

This autumn as per my opinion is a new start.

Autumn is a season of the year between summer and winter during which temperature gradually decreases, as well as gradually decreases intensе in all aviation business. But this year breaks all the rules and establishes new right away. Autumn is about falling leaves and melancholy mood, but let’s make this season different.


During last month of lockdown we invested in our staff and made additional training:

  • Engine BSI for CFM 56–7B
  • NDT training for two more Level II NDT inspectors

Both BSI and NDT teams are available for the field services world wide (UAE/US/UAE)

Autumn 2020 shall not be the season of fall but the season of rise. Time to get ready for Christmas Holiday charter season.

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