May 14, 2020

Ready. Steady. Fly! Summer Deal!

We all expect and hope flights to finally restart around the Globe in the end of May or mid June.

After the longest three months all aviation, aviation professionals and just travelers are anticipating great new start for all of us.

That is why we say Ready. Steady. Fly!

To make a fleet of your aircraft and engines ready we propose you a one stop solutions for Boeing 737 Classics around the Globe. Let us make some plans together, for example:

1) C-check for your Boeing 737-300 and CFM 56-3 Fan Booster Swap at one stop and same TAT in HRK airport, Ukraine;

2) CFM 56-3 engine LPT and CC change in Miami and shipping the engine to your place with a team who will install it and make MPA run and all set up;

3) ADS-B out modification or C-check for your Boeing 737-500 in SHJ airport, UAE;

We will get your aircraft ready for safe operations to let you bring fun and joy to your passengers again.

Best regards

Sky Techniques team

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